Closed and still open Projects:

* Photoblog
Photoblog - Part of my life in images, day by day.

* Homeless
Nowadays - Some Homeless on Barcelona streets.

* Music
Nowadays - Working with Musicians.

* Svalbard, The Artic Circle
Octover 2011 - Traveling in the Artic Circle on the Noorderlicht ship, Svalbard, Norway.

* Sicily, The italian island
February 2011 - Traveling arround the island, Sicily, Italy.

* "Memoria Selectiva" Filming
May 2008 - Pictures from "Memoria Selectiva" short filming, Barcelona, Spain.

* One Day with Shuarma
February 2008 - Sharing 24 days with Shuarma, Barcelona, Spain.

* One week Living in a Mallorca youth Flat
February 2008 - Fun Night Lifestyle with young girls on Mallorca, Spain.

* Crossing the Baltic Countries
October 2007 - Only 1 Ticket for the Barcelona-Vilnius flight, and one ticket for the Tallin-Barcelona flight. One week across these three beautiful baltic countries: Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

* Summer at Fuerteventura
August 2007 - Beach & Sun Lifestyle on Fuerteventura, Spain.

* Dublin meeting
April 2007 - Telecommunication Engineers, Dublin the meeting point.